Officers of the PBA

President - Jeff Russo

First Vice President - Matthew Trolio

Second Vice President - John Panichi

Recording Secretary - Jamie Smith

Labor Secretary - Eric Manny





     **                   A Message from the Holcomb Family                   **

The Holcomb family would like to thank all of you that planned, participated in and attended Alexander's Family Fun Day. We were simply amazed at how incredible it was. It was a great day for all of us. Everyone's kindness and generosity is very much appreciated during this difficult journey. Alexander continues to keep in good spirits through it all. Our family will always be grateful to you all. Thank you!

-Shane, Cynthia and Alexander Holcomb

Please keep the Holcomb Family in your thoughts and prayers! On behalf of the RCDSPBA, we genuinely thank everyone for all the effort put into this event!


                                         Hope, Courage, Faith      

                                                 -Alexander Holcomb-                







Providing for the community through professional development and charitable actions.

About Us

The Rensselaer County Deputy Sheriff’s Police Benevolent Association is comprised   

of the Deputies and Sergeants of the Highway Patrol Division of the Rensselaer County

Sheriffs Office. The PBA was formed in December 1996 and became recognized by      Rensselaer County as an official union and bargaining agent in February 1999.

The PBA strives to be a positive influence in the community in as many ways as possible.  We make monetary donations to worthwhile charities and organizations in Rensselaer    County. The PBA also assists the Sheriff in training and equipping members when        necessary. One goal of the PBA is to put highly trained law enforcement professionals      on the roads of Rensselaer County and give them the tools to perform a difficult job.

Many deputies have specialized training to do things such as investigate and reconstruct  auto accidents, process crime scenes and evidence, utilize canines for drug searches,      tracking, and arson investigation, and enforce laws pertaining to commercial vehicles.      Members of the PBA do everything from properly installing child safety seats in cars to      investigating major crimes; from helping you locate your lost dog to helping you locate      your lost child.

The Rensselaer County Deputy Sheriff's PBA is committed to serving the Rensselaer    County community. Part of that service involves giving back to the people that we serve.   Therefore, you will notice the PBA involved in community activities and functions    throughout Rensselaer County. Several examples can be found in our recent support of   several little league teams and a series of college scholarships which the PBA will be      setting up for local high school graduates.

In closing the Rensselaer County Deputy Sheriff's PBA invite you to browse our website    as it has undergone many changes and will be updated regularly.


Rensselaer County Deputy Sheriff's P.B.A.
P.O. Box 285
Cropseyville, NY 12052
(518) 270-5448 ext 453


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